A little more about what we do.

Earlier this evening, there was a comment on our link on reddit that expressed a tiny bit of concern about plagiarism on For Shame.  Apparently there is a novel (which I’ve never heard of, but it sounds really good) about Hadrian and Antinous that poses some similarities to today’s post.  Which is fine, but I just want to clear the air a bit and go over what we’re about a little clearer in case there are any concerns.

We’re not claiming to be the first people to tell these stories — in fact, most of them are pretty well-known.  Like Antinous and Hadrian, for example.  Which I first learned about in an intro-level archaeology class freshman year.  For Shame is simply a few dorky undergrads’ attempt to collect and retell these stories using inappropriate, sexy, and irreverent humor.   In most cases, our process works like this: We have a general knowledge of these stories already and then we do a couple hits on google for images and a few clicks on wikipedia to make sure we’re not making anything up and then we rework the tale until we’re cracking ourselves up, and then we post.

So that’s what we’re about.  We’re just a few nerds trying to make history a little more sexy.  One scandal at a time.

Please enjoy.  And don’t take us too seriously.

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