Our Favorite Search Term Referrals.

WordPress has this cool feature called “Site Stats.”  It shows us how many hits we get every day and how those hits were referred to our blog.  So if we get 5 hits that all came from a link we put on Facebook, Site Stats will tell us that 5 of today’s hits were referred from a link on Facebook and it will give us that link.  More interestingly, it also shows us the terms that people have typed into any given search engine that led them to For Shame!  We usually email each other what we think are the funniest search terms of the day, and  we realized that this was selfish and that we should be publishing them so that everyone can have a laugh along with us.

BOLD text is a direct quotation word for word of one of our search term referrals. Enjoy.

Oh and we’re serious about this: Mature readers only.


fucking austria – That’s what the Serbs said in 1914.

painting vagina turkish commission

oja kodar topless

old hollywood lesbians – Which I say in my mind as “old, hollywood lesbians.”

aragon girl getting fucked

hate makes your ass look big – That’s why mine swells when I watch Kevin Costner films.

ass pirate

vagina pirate – Same person as above?  I hope so.

boulevard sex

how did pirates get sex

raunchy story – You’re in fucking luck, bitch.

horse fuck buffalo (female)

woman haveing srz with hores – Drunk search?

brazillian big ass

he was castrated and she sent to a convent

“piece of sexy” definition

big booty motswana fucking

throat fucking preteen 16 year – Holy shit.

amateur incest ass fucking – Amateur, you guys. We’re not professionals here.

effie good fucking

john ruskin pubic hair – The sad thing is that this person probably found exactly what he or she was looking for.

how drunk was faulkner – Very? Were you looking for a quantitative answer?

nude girl with big breast and vagina

how can I get a lot of bangs? – We hope that for shame! is answering this question for all of our readers.

renaissance poop bucket – LHB’s personal favorite.

bahamian facebook booty

jane seymour bitch

jane seymour pussy

national protestand church famouse recently only – I can’t believe this didn’t return more relevant results.

boy fuck his grandmother incest sex story of indian i want to read in hindi language – This person needs lessons on how to use search engines.

free son fuck mother indian peoples famous incest story i want to read in hindi language – He thought he’d avoid our website with this second search term but woops!  We got him again!

rita hayworth nipples – Yup, like every human being in history she also had them.

sam cooke world’s strongest woman – Pardon?

picture of woman fornicating with a horse – As fucked up as this is, I truly appreciate the use of a biblical euphemism for sex. This is a classy sexual deviant.

mr feeny 1776 – The person who searched this term needs to be best friends with MRG.

very sexy blue film mom handshaked his 12 years sons pannies

paintings vagina vagina “vagina” – I’m so glad that they included the third “vagina” in quotations.

hadrian the gay emperor – That was his preferred epithet after all.

lesbien girl told me im sexy on april fools – Good for you!

sass dumonde

black girl horse sex

beautiful nake body ladies sexy sex fucking own vagina – Hey, look no further. We’ve got “sexy sex” to spare.

effie dreamgirls images

blowj – I like to think that someone read “blowj” on one of our posts and then had to google the term to find out what it meant, and was redirected back to our website.


We hope you enjoy these search terms as much as we do.  If you did enjoy this little feature, drop us a note so we are aware and we’ll be sure to keep posting the funny/borderline inappropriate ones for your reading pleasure.

2 Comments on “Our Favorite Search Term Referrals.”

  1. Charlie says:

    By all means, please keep them coming.

  2. Ellie says:

    yeah, I’m a fan!

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