GOOD NEWS, tech types!

We’re on the Twitter machine now!

And we know what you’re thinking: how 2008 of For Shame to just be getting a Twitter now. Shhh. We know.

FOLLOW US ANYWAY! We’re unobtrusive and let’s face it, way more interesting than Ashton Kutcher.

This just means that we’ll use yet another social networking site to keep you updated about our sexy historical stylings. It also means that you can mention us (@forshameblog) whenever the fuck you want, as in “OMGzZ just red the l8st post on @forshameblog! SeW funNy #historyhashtagz” or “hey, someone should pay these @forshameblog girls to oh, i don’t know, publish their hilarious posts in a coffee-table type book that would probably sell at urban outfitters or something.”

And we’ll probably make a lot of twatter/titter type linguistic puns. Yay!


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