Search Term Referrals: PART QUARTE.

In classic For Shame fashion, we ladies find ourselves a little busy these days. LHB, for instance, is in the midst of a little Kerouacian cross-country move (circa the On the Road-Big Sur-Dharma Bums Kerouac, not the sad, old, bloated, nostalgiac Kerouac) (also, hey, read Big Sur, it’s great), and I’m spending a lot of time nursing my very sore ovaries thanks to Nathan Adrian and also the entire male contingent from Belgium’s Olympic team. Except Kim Clijsters BADUM CHHH.

And we’re also busily planning a really fucking great theme week that’s SO GREAT that the blog might or might not explode. You think I’m joking. I am not. I never joke when it comes to blog explosions. Blogsplosions (nailed it).

Anyway, we’re busy. Trust us. And when the going gets rough in our “real lives,” it’s only right that we keep you sated and sedated with a little something we like to call SEARCH TERM REFERRALS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

You should know the drill by now. But as a gentle reminder, this shit gets real weird real quick, so ask any kids and/or conservatives to kindly leave the room.

Alone? Good. LET’S DO THIS.

exclusive brethren – You’ve come to the right place, because not just anyone can join this gentlewoman’s club. LHB, KAB, JAF and myself put the “loose” in “exclusive.”

turban sex 

beirut anal – If you’re talking about the Lebanese capital, ew. If you’re talking about the super hip indie band, then JAF’s thinking about it.

madam bovary fuck – Are you saying “Madam Bovary fuck” like a Neanderthal at a book club?

what is the show where son and mom are doing it and he asks her “when do I get to be emperor?” – I don’t know but I want to see it!

his and her crowns – Like vanity sinks?!!  (I’ve been watching way too much HGTV.)

preteen whore tumblr – MILEY HAS  A TUMBLR?!

sore penis – To match MRG’s sore ovaries? I think someone’s been watching a little too much ladies’ weightlifting.

prostitute lap dance

kate winslet in titanic painting scene

kate winslet fucking – It’s called The Reader and it happened in 2008.

mozart_of_sex – Child prodigy? Virtuoso? Flatulent? HELP ME UNDERSTAND.

5 inch penis intercourse – Aw.

penis syphilis – Best kind.

oja kodar oops

hunger games lady

acquainted with lesbian lesbian – Yes, Ms. Lesbian Lesbian is a fine, worthy woman. And a lesbian.

egyptian anal

girls want anal — No they don’t.

anal sore

“anal sex” – “Putting it in quotes doesn’t make it better.”

syphilis grew in his loins – What poetry!

tambourine patterns

narnia susan – That’s the nickname Susan got when she kept walking into bedroom furniture. – Fucking use Google, you communist.

wallpaper scandal sex

penis contractions

trany rootinf verry young preetenn – Is this a brain teaser?

is it adultery to fool around with your own cousin – Aww.

wwii gerbils — My favorite kind of gerbil.

madame darkness sex

kardashian christmas portrait

fuck this shit I ll be – ? What? I’m on the edge of my seat.

wide eyed kitten

henry viii hat jewel – LHB has three.

ben franklin with sexy French madame

did Martha gellhorn had a great ass? – Did she?! Why yes, yes she did had.

what is a loving blowjay – A loving blowjay is the ONLY kind of blowjay. And don’t you forget it.

panties from the middle ages – You mean JAF’s panties? That’s very saucy!

does anyone talk about having sex with greta garbo

tranny mermaid – Hans Christian Andersen’s original sequel to “The Little Mermaid.” OF COURSE Disney ignored it. They just take stories and ruin them, it’s a shame, is what it is.

alexander hamilton 20 dollar bill

henry fucking the lady anne of cleves

hollister – Fuck you, it’s loud and dark in there and it smells like vanilla musk and preteen sweat (Mom said their clothes were too expensive).

michael fassbender fan mail – …all comes from the four of us. And all comes with a nudie photo.

esmeralda tambourine

protestant nake ladies

tweenage hookers – SLARG BARF. I hate the word “tweenage.”

tim riggins football – You asked for it…TEXAS FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

anne bonny and mary read show thw boobs

victory vis a vis nelson – Ere go, nevertheless, notwithstanding, apropos to, SHUT UP this is AMERICA, et. al.

young madam provocation with panties

contracted penis – “Contracted” like “for hire?” If so, yes.

preteen boner mom

francois arnaud nude – YES, YES, YES, YES, YES, YES and for the love of Pope, YES, a thousand times, YES! [that was MRG, FYI]

jane seymour nudegirls

skanky children? – No? Why? Leave?

colonel sanders pimp – Well he was stylishly turned out, walked with a cane, and worked with breasts, so I guess that’s a fair analogy.

antinuous backside

shame fraulein greta

did ezra pound have a large penis

ve as fo sexi boning – I’m really not sure what’s happening here.

titanic hot kissing scene.gif — To whomever searched this term: If you found what you were looking for, will you please email it to us?

famous with psoriasis – Awww. Someone just wants to know they’re not alone. YOU’RE NOT ALONE, dermatologically challenged friend!

dress up games wife gils who or necid wif no pans on or bror games – Another brain teaser?! YOU GUYS! You know I’m no good at these!

lillie langtry schandaal – “Schandaal” sounds way too much like a mid-shelf brand of schnapps. As in, “YUM! Schandaal Peachtree Schnapps: use it to seduce preteens!” Yeah, I don’t like that.

best polaroid blow job picture site?

self flagellation after masturbation

beethoven the dog still alive – In several straight-to-video sequels, and in our fucking hearts.

2 Comments on “Search Term Referrals: PART QUARTE.”

  1. ejdelicious says:

    Oh i think my favorite is “dress up games wife gils who or necid wif no pans on or bror games”. I’m guessing Dress up games with girls who are naked with no pants on or bra games?

  2. […] they get more traffic. (Seriously, I have access to their stats page now, and it is insane. The search referrals section of the stats page is kind of unnerving though.) So yeah, my piece is about the Roman author […]

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