State of the Bloggers

This is really embarrassing.  We were not planning on being MIA for so long, we swarr. I mean, we didn’t plan it all, obviously. And to be perfectly honest, we don’t even have very good excuses. Just the usual ones–“real life,” “grad school,” “jobs,” all of Friday Night Lights is on Netflix, you know, the usual. (TEXAS FOREVER!!!!)

But we really missed you guyz. Like, 4 real.  It’s more than just my dad and JAF’s medievalist college friends who follow us now. I mean, there are at least, like, 100 of you, which I think makes us like a pretty big deal on the internet. The point is, we’re sorry.  We can be better.  And we’re back now with a New Years resolution to blog the shit out of 2014. Or the eleven months that are left of it, I guess.  There are so many sexual scandals of yore untold (by us in an irreverent manner and borderline plagiarized from Wikipedia.) Plus we’ve got a theme week or two in the works that we think you’ll be pretty excited about–like new panties every other paragraph excited.

In light of the recent State of the Union Address, we thought we’d do a little State of the Bloggers to vaguely fill you in on our deeply interesting personal lives.  If you’re totally uninterested in that, feel free leave us now and stay tuned for, like, a real post.

We’ll start with MRG who’s moved west, but only mid-way, to the great city of Chicago.  In Chicago, she’s earning her Masters in Historic Preservation. Girl talks the talk and walks the walk, amiright?  She spends her spare time screwing up my Netflix algorithms by watching BBC costume dramas from 30 years ago,  and enjoys consuming pizza and beer.  Some things never change.

I, LHB, have settled, for the time being, in Northern California, where I work as a fundraiser at a theater company. In my spare time I, too, watch television on the internet (great minds), drink Malbec and tell people that I’m going to the gym but then am like “Oh you know it’s getting late–I’m not feeling grea–yeah I have a thing I forgot abou–” and then more Netflix and more Malbec and so on and so forth. I very much enjoy snacks.

JAF is back in the America.  She got tired of all the “culture” in “Europe” so she’s stateside now, “teaching america’s youth how to hopefully not be drains on our society.” (That last one is a direct quote.)  It’s important work, you know?  She still looks like Meryl’s sexier younger sister and has excellent taste in movies.  I mean “film.”

KAB is similarly occupied shaping the minds and hearts of the future.  She’s in western New York, braving polar vortexes in order to chase children around playgrounds and teach them about “sharing.” KAB FINALLY got on the Downton Abbey train (no, it’s not a real train, it’s a metaphor–how cool would that be, though?!) and when she’s not drooling over Matthew, she’s applying to graduate school.

And that’s all she wrote folks.

Stay tuned for what ideally will be a 2014 filled with unoriginal dick jokes and pictures of hot actors in costume dramas.

Like this.


One Comment on “State of the Bloggers”

  1. kay cole says:

    Ladies, ladies, ladies! Welcome back home (oh!).

    Nice to see everyone’s survived the hoe-li-days, I, myself have missed you. Didn’t know I did ’til I read you again.

    Thanks for giving me a good laugh, (can’t wait for a hundred years from now and I can read about Colbert’s stories).

    I really appreciate the run down on the writers. Although, I was hoping there was a male involved. Then again, I was disappointed in learning it “were a man” that wrote AUGUST:OSAGE COUNTY. (in my best Irish accent)

    Please keep feeding me these wonderful stories. You are providing a wonderful community service!



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