About the Bloggers

JAF, MRG, and LHB met while studying abroad in Bath, England during the fall 2010 semester.  During said time, we were all enrolled in a little class taught by the world’s best bitch (which we’ll get into at a later date) about the court culture of the Renaissance (that’s a time period in the 16th and 17th century in Europe).  From the moment LHB first uttered the words, “you mean like in The Other Boleyn Girl?” we knew we’d be best historical friends.  We each studied at different northeastern universities but are now dispersed across the globe.

JAF looks like Meryl Streep 30 years ago, and likes history so much that she made up her own major in Medieval Studies.  She lives in the Europe.

MRG edited her college’s irreverent nonfiction magazine and frequently contributed to it.  She majored in English (the literature kind, not the language; she’s a native speaker) and architectural history.

LHB has very small hands, looks like a koala, and majored in European History and unicorns.

In the summer of 2012, we became four when we welcomed KAB into our ragtag team of misfits.  She had guest blogged for us once before, and we decided that we wanted that shit all the time, so we convinced her to stay for good.

KAB hablas espanol, likes to read “books,” and acts, directs, writes for the theatah.

We’d also like to extend our thanks to DMK, For Shame’s resident webmaster. This means he helps us navigate the “internet” and explains how it “works.”

In all seriousness, we are pretty thrilled to be bringing you historical stories of sex and scandal.  We hope you enjoy our antics because we are having one hell of a time writing this blog and we hope you continue to follow our historical hilarity.

6 Comments on “About the Bloggers”

  1. Leo says:

    Whoever writes this shit writes really well. I thought that somebody who knows about writing (and I do) should tell you kids that.

  2. Emily says:

    Read this to my very mormon mother and she laughed for about ten minutes, in spite of her conservative self. It was a beautiful moment.

    • lbar216 says:

      Emily, Daughter of Mormon, I can’t believe we never wrote back to you after you left us this fantastic comment and I’m so embarrassed about it. I hope you find this again so you know how nice it is to hear that even religious people like us. Thanks again!

  3. Hemhorn says:

    I love your piece on Hemingway. Stumbled upon it – good stumble. I laughed so hard. I thought surely a guy wrote it, but you are women bloggers? Anywho, love your crap.

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