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19 Comments on “Contact Us”

  1. Laura A. Farhy says:

    love your blog!!! I stumbled upon it. How happy I am to have stumbled 🙂

  2. lbar216 says:

    Thanks, Laura! It’s nice to hear some encouragement from a reader who isn’t one of our relatives. Usually when people comment, it’s to tell us that we’re wrong about something, and while we enjoy composing snarky responses, saying thank you is much more fun. So thank you very much for reading! We hope you continue to enjoy the blog as we are having an excellent time writing it.

  3. Kathi says:

    I’m half Hawaiian and it was refreshing to see one of our historical secrets revealed cleverly and boldly. I remember in school i was obsessed with this love story. Poor Nahi and K3

    • mgiac3090 says:


      Thank you so much for your kind words (and of course for adopting MRG’s abbreviations)! It’s all too often that we receive mean-spirited comments from very sassy, very bored people who just don’t get it. Thanks for being a lovely exception, and we hope you keep reading!

      MRG, LHB, and JAF

  4. I am the hundredth person to follow your blog. That is all.

  5. I feel it, the awesomeness, because I think I’m “in” on the ground floor of something pretty fucking amazing. Every post is better than the last, but I have a serious time issue. For Shame sucked up hours of my morning, when I should have been asleep, or washing dishes, or reading a book or something.

  6. Eleanor Hollenbeck says:

    Ha ha! Love it! Stumbled upon your site looking up stuff about Coco Chanel ( I just finished the excellent book, ‘Sleeping With the Enemy: Coco Chanel’s Secret War’ by Hal Vaughan and came across your piece on Misia Sert… keep up the good work!

    • mgiac3090 says:

      Hi Eleanor!
      On behalf of KAB, LHB, and JAF, thanks for your kind words and that fantastic book suggestion (right up our fucking alley, but you knew that). You give us life.
      Keep on reading!

  7. CJM says:

    Who ever knew that our time with the Baddest bitch would result in such hilarious calamity. I just found this so give me a while to catch up with your calling, but ultimately I’m just so happy this ended up happening.


  8. Lauren says:

    Need. More. Historical. Sass.

    Soooo many historical blogs just plain suck & try to be the next Philippa G, while denying their obvious love affair with wiki… and proving that even spellcheck can’t cure stupid. But you bitches got this shit on lockdown.

    Big fan!

    I sent a list of suggestions before it occurred to me that you had done like.. 2/3 of them. But I want that damn shout out.. so please hold for awesomeness, these two history degrees will be worth something. so help me g3rd.

    • mgiac3090 says:

      We’re always looking for suggestions and always looking for people who love us and feed our egos, so this is a match made in blog heaven (bleaven). Stay tuned for more sass — it’s been a rough summer for us in terms of our “real lives” but we’ve got some good shit coming up.

  9. dieuwertje says:

    you are so incredibly refreshing. What an amazing wit you guys got! Thank you for taking the time to entertain us. Did you already publish a book? If not please do!

    love from Amsterdam

    • mgiac3090 says:

      Our dear Dutch friend — how could we forget to reply to you?! Unforgivable.
      We absolutely did not already publish a book but would love to fo sho. In the mean time, maybe you could print all of our posts out and staple them together as a placeholder? I’m sure it would make a nice coffee table book.
      Thanks for reading and come back soon!

  10. Karen Pfeiffer says:

    In regards to the post entitled: Between the Sheets (OF PAPER) with Ernest Hemingway

    You wrote:
    “He drank profusely, hunted and fished constantly, and wrote his best work while he was married to Pauline (I in part attribute that to the fact she sort of let him do whatever the fuck he wanted while she stayed at home with the kids. It’s probably why their marriage lasted so long. Depressing.)”

    I would like to add that Pauline Pfeiffer was very well educated and did a lot of editing for him while they were married. This may have more to do with the fact that he wrote his best work while married to her than the fact that “she let him do whatever the fuck he wanted” – although I don’t disagree with that – she certainly let him do what he wanted – more than most women would have!

    • freeja03 says:

      Thanks, Karen. I agree– Pauline was definitely smarter than my flippant description of her, nor can I honestly blame her for having put up with his shit for so long. He was like a boozey, oversexed, genius black-hole, and woe betide those around him.

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